About Us

Together, we are aspiring entrepreneurs with a fire within us to create our own identity and let the world know our presence. Individually, we are proven and innovative professionals with rich experience of having worked on different customized projects in our own fields be it design, development or marketing. We started off with a bang in 2017 with L & B Promoters as our first client, which was soon followed by Layam Wedding Cinemas, My Computer so on and so forth. And now we own a grand portfolio of content customers who consider it as a pleasure to recommend our services to others in the industry.

Our Services

Web Development

Carrot Infotech specializes in appropriate, advanced and cutting edge web technologies to make your online presence acknowledged. The feature rich applications that we use benefit both by extending great user experience to your customers and by making it technically advanced for you and your team to handle and achieve goals with ease. Even the administrative tasks are customized in order to make it seamless for you to meet the diverse needs of individual customers. We are at our best when it comes to web development that includes CMS development, PHP web development lots more.

Search Engine Optimization

93% of Internet users start their research for information through search engines. With more 100 billion searches being done every month, it is the search engine that routes all the users through its search engine results. Keeping this in mind, we assist our clients in optimizing their websites to meet the standards and top in the search engine results. We start the optimization by researching in depth about your products and services and figure out the common queries that people use to search for information related to products and services like that of yours. If your website does not find a position in the first 20 search results, you may lose a large number of your potential customers. So, search engine optimization technique is very crucial.

Web Design

With the increasing use of the Internet across the globe, the field of website design has become highly competitive. All the websites are coming out with their best to top the search engine page results. For you to stay ahead in this cut-throat competition, powerful coding practices and effective design are the key players. At Carrot Infotech, our design team research well on consumer surfing and conversion patterns and put in their experience and effective design proficiency to create highly functional websites that grabs the attention of your clients and converts as well. We ensure creation of customized business websites.

Content Writing

Your website is the online identity of your business. The main idea behind having a website is to expand the reach of your business to clients across the globe. The content posted on your website must be striking enough to grab the attention of millions of online users worldwide. Unique and high quality content are a must for an effective website. Every piece of content that you post on your website must evidently highlight the goals of your business. Carrot Infotech stresses on this fact and offers engaging, relevant and unique content to create a positive content. At Carrot Infotech, we ensure to develop high quality content that meets the requirements of your website. We offer thoughtful, flawless and high quality content for blogs too.

Digital Marketing

The world is rapidly changing to digital. People amid of their hectic schedule now prefer to buy and sell products and services online rather than investing their valuable time in driving to brick and mortar store. To give maximum exposure to your brand, make sure you are there where the maximum people are and that’s online. Here comes the importance of digital marketing and digital marketing company. At Carrot Infotech, our digital marketing experts use the channels like SEO, SMM, SEM and SMO to ensure lead generation through online presence.We use customized strategies to ensure right results for your business.

Resume Writing Services

Identify what an employer wants from a candidate. Identify what the candidate can offer the employer. We understand the importance of every individual word in a CV. Owing to this point, we make sure to prepare highly professional CVs for our clients across the globe. We stay abreast of skill set requirements in every industry and shape individual CV such that they fulfill the aforesaid requirements. And then write a good CV that matches the above two points as closely as possible. We create customised CVs with respect to the industry you belong to. We have had our hands on creating CVs in Academic, Administration, Construction, Engineering, Executive, Financial, IT, Management, Medical, Sales so on and so forth. Call us now!

Happy Clients Says...

“I am really happy with the quality of their work and the level of co-operation they extend. Really they are second to none and truly recommendable.”

L& B Promoters

“Quality was what I asked for and they kept their word. The website was beyond my expectation and is awesome. Great work team Carrot Infotech. Kudos”

Layam Wedding Cinemas